The Benefits of Hiring an SEO Agency

SEO isn’t the simplest thing to understand, and if you don’t get a strong understanding on it fast, you’ll never even get your website off the ground. That’s exactly where hiring an SEO expert is necessary.

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By working with SEO specialists, you can get your website to rank for certain keywords considerably faster. And if you have an more aged website, and you’re continuously striving to get the results you’re searching for, an SEO agency can help you get over that wall.

Is it important for your businesses’ website? And is in-house SEO really a bad idea? If you’re asking yourself these types of questions, wonder no more, because we’re here to assist!

In this article, we’ll tell you the key reasons why adding an SEO expert to your team is something you should consider doing ASAP. Now let’s get started!

What Is Search Engine Optimization & Why Is It Important to the Growth of My Business?

SEO is short for search engine optimization. The better the SEO for your business website, the more likely it will be to show up and rank higher on search engines like Google and Bing.

And knowing just how big of a role search engines play in the buying cycle of a buyer today, ranking on search engines is more crucial today than ever.

For example, more than 4 out of 5 purchase-focused consumers will search online for a service or product, according to Datareportal.

Beyond that, the greater you rank in search engines, the greater chance people will be to click. SEO tool Sistrix actually discovered that the click-through rate (CTR) of the very first Google search result was 2X greater compared to the second result.

Source: Smart Insights

As you can see, the CTR changes between rankings are tremendous. And as a result, the higher you rank, the more likely you will sell.

Why You Should Hire an SEO Agency

So, why hire an SEO company? Can’t you just manage it all yourself?

And of course, you can.

The issue, however, is that SEO best practices are constantly transforming. New search engine algorithms are being released on a regular basis. Industry norms are changing week to week, even day to day. And on the technical side, it is still quite difficult and time-intensive to implement all the best SEO tactics to help you rank.

That’s why it’s a significantly better use of your time to hire an SEO company instead of trying to do it all on your own. They have the skills, the experience, and the technical know-how to obtain the best outcomes in the shortest amount of time possible.

Many small businesses today are learning that SEO is an extremely important investment. According to Backlinko, 65% of all small business owners have worked with at least one SEO provider before.

How Much Does It Cost to Hire an SEO Expert?

Now, the next question depends upon the cost of hiring an SEO professional.

After all, why hire an SEO organization if the costs outweigh the advantages?

According to Ahrefs, most SEO agencies across the U.S. charge around $2,501-$5,000 per month to help optimize businesses for getting discovered on search engines.

With that being said, you can end up paying a lot more or much less, depending on how extensive you want your SEO to be.

At first glance, that might seem like a lot. But as we’ll see in a moment, investing the resources into SEO can in fact result in substantial ROI.

Is Hiring an SEO Specialist Worth It?

Simply put, absolutely.

Putting the time, the resources, as well as the work into better SEO tends to pay off for the overwhelming majority of companies.

To illustrate the ROI of SEO, let’s look into the difference in cost per lead compared to paid online advertising (PPC).

It turns out leads received through PPC costs 4X more than those brought in by SEO.

So, how does that break down into actual return on your investment, dollar for dollar?

Well, as it turns out, SEO returns $22.24 for every $1 invested.

And as you can see, that’s an ROI only beaten out by email marketing.

In other words, SEO works. And when you’re working with the right SEO agency, you can be confident your investment is going to great use.

The Benefits of Working with an SEO Marketing Agency

Okay, now that you have a better understanding of SEO and why it’s a great investment, let’s take a closer|get a bit closer and} look at the 9 advantages of working with an SEO marketing agency.

Even though you can do everything yourself, a lot of times it just makes more sense to hire the experts.

1. Experts Really Know Best

We’ll be totally honest with you. SEO is way too important and far too complex to be handled in-house by someone who isn’t quite sure what they’re doing. It can take years to master SEO, and that’s precious time you can’t afford to waste if you really want to get the best outcomes.

When it comes to SEO, the experts truly do know best. By letting someone who knows what they’re doing manage your website’s SEO, you’ll get the results you’re looking for considerably quicker. That can help you expand your brand or business faster too, which of course is a good thing.

2. SEO Is Constantly Changing

One of the main reasons why SEO is so difficult to master is that it’s ever-changing. Search engines are constantly adding new things to the list of what it is they’re looking for. And if you don’t have time to keep track of those modifications, you’ll quickly fall behind.


A professional is aware of just what the most recent SEO strategies are so that you can make sure that your website is in good hands. That way, you can keep up with your competition and even surpass them.

3. Increase Your Online Reach

A strong online presence can have a major impact on your brand. This is especially true if you’re running a business that operates predominantly online, where you need to get clicks to be successful.

And even if you’re someone who deals mostly with local businesses, improving your local SEO strategy is critical too. It can help you gain new customers and clients in your area, which is always a good thing.

4. Avoid Major Errors Completely

It is super easy to make mistakes since SEO is so intricate and in-depth. And most SEO errors revolve around something you aren’t doing instead of what you’re doing incorrectly, which makes it even that much harder to correct.

You can correct any major mistakes and even avoid some errors completely by letting an SEO professional tackle your website’s SEO.

5. Understand How to Use Analytics Better

You probably already know how critical analytics are having a website for your business. With that being said, those analytics can occasionally steer you down the wrong path if you just don’t exactly know what to do with that data.

By working with an SEO marketing agency, you will be able to better grasp your analytics. And you can ensure that you’re running your business and your website in the best way possible with the data,

6. Grow Your Earnings

You can make business decisions with them in mind with those analytics and get a better understanding of what they mean. And by making smarter choices, you can raise your overall revenue and more easily grow your brand.

7. Attain Your Goals

As a business or brand owner, you understand that setting targets can help you be successful. And as we just touched on, setting goals with your analytics data in mind is the best way to boost your revenue.

Working with us can help you make choices that will make you the most money, and thus, help you achieve your goals. So if you need help making your goals a reality, reach out today!

8. Focus on Other Things

If you own a business or brand, you likely already know that you have to delegate a number of tasks in order to release time in the day. You can spend your time doing other activities, things that you excel at that generate money when you allow an agency to manage your SEO needs.

9. Expand Your Team

To reiterate the last point, it is imperative to remember that you can’t do everything yourself. And for the reason that}, as you expand, you need to ensure your staff is expanding with you.

Expand your staff today by adding an SEO professional to your roster!

Well, there you have it! Those are 9 reasons why working with an agency is an absolute must for your brand or business.

You can’t beat the experience of working with an expert. They’ll make sure your website checks all of the right boxes, so you can improve your online presence and rank for important keywords.

By grabbing more of the online market share, you can reach new customers and clients and increase your revenue. And by having a pro do it for you, it’ll be done right, and you won’t have to waste time doing it, either.

Considering hiring an SEO expert for your business or brand? Request a free consultation, and we’ll be glad to assist you!

If you wan to learn more about web design or digital advertising, feel free to reach out and K. Renee Web Design can assist you. We have a full team standing by to help you with your business needs.

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